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Charming and personal

We are glad to be here for you!

Team Rohrmooserhof
The 3 enchantresses and head manager Georg, Rohrmooserhof

With 3 three enchantresses, and the big support of head manager Georg personally, your anticipation for your holiday can start when making the request!. Kerstin, Monika, Nadja & Georg are here for your non binding inquiry and customized holiday advices and make the best deal for you. Depending on your individual requirement there are many ideas and insider tips for your holiday at the hotel Rohrmooserhof and the region Schladming Dachstein!

For a personal and quick request please use our Vacation Hotline: 0043 3687 61455 or our non binding request form.

Your receptionists:

  • I’m Kerstin and happy to help you!  "Philosophy of life: Live every moment, laugh every day, love unimanginable."... read more about Kerstin Nussbaumer 
  • I’m Monika and happy to help you! "Philosophy of life: True wealth lies not in the things i possess, but in the moments that tuch your heart. And: Don’t dream your life, live your dream!”…read more about Monika Schrank 

Your hosts:

  • I’m Nadja and happy to help you! That’s where you’ll find me at the hotel: at the reception! I love office stuf fand working with people. Zodiac sign: Capricorn…“ Read more about Nadja Niederl:
  • I’m Georg and happy to help you!! "That’s where you’ll find me at the hotel: everywhere. Zodiac sign: Cancer..." read more about Georg Niederl


Monika Schrank
Monika Schrank - Receptionist at Rohrmooserhof

Name: Monika Schrank

Where to find me in the hotel: At the reception
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Passions: Travel, reading, good food
Desired places: there are many…Want to travel the whole world
Values that are important to me: honesty, truthfulness, impartiality
What annoys me: lies,malice,envy
A sentence that i can not hear: Yes, but….; If i were you,…; and, from the family life: But dad said yes!
Favourite flower: Strelitzie
Favourite season: every
Weather preferences: Pairing the season - snow and cold in winter, mild temperatures in spring, sun and heat in summer and rainy and cool autumn
Favourite colour: green
Books i can recommend: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Music: Rock & Pop
Work i do not like at reception: dusting
This is a weekly “checkpoint” for me: there's none
Desired travel destination: Caribbean
Things I want to do: Cruise, world travel
Personalities that impress me: always positive thinking people
Motto: True wealth lies not in the things that I possess, but in moments that touch my heart and not dream your life live your dream!
What scares me: rising violence
2 words that I characterize myself: cheerful, reliable
A profession that would also interest me: doctor
What I really want to achieve: to stay healthy into old age
... And private: being a grandmother (but there’s time for that....)
Where I relax best: in the bathtub
What makes me happy? my family, our garden
What skills and talents do I have? Good listener, patient
What I have to offer others? Always willing to listen
What inspires me: my children
If there would be no consequences, what would I do:  I enjoy a 1 year break with her husband and children - just go away and see where the road takes us

Nußbaumer Kerstin
Kerstin Nußbaumer - Receptionist

Name: Nußbaumer Kerstin

That’s where you’ll find me: Receptionist
Zodiac sign: Aries
Passions: Music, books, mountains
Desired places: Australia, Grand Canyon, Newzaland
Values that are important to me: Honesty, acceptance, openness
What annoys me most: bad drivers at the streets, Ignorance
Favourite flower: Daisies
Favourite season: Autumn
Weather preferences: There is no bad weather,only the wrong clothes. I like the sun (not too hot), I love the rain  (rainboots and raincoat are always on hand), I adore the smell of snow.
Favourite colour: Yellow
Books I can recommend: The World According to Garp-John Irving, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas-John Boyne, A Fraction of the Whole-Steve Toltz
Music: Newton Faulkner, Antonin Dvorak, Nina Simone, Janis Joplin
Work i do not really like at the reception: watering flowers :-/
That’s a weekly „checkpoint“for me: Music rehearsal at my hometown.Bucket list places: To the Himalaya. Not up to the top, but at least there. The path is the aim.
Bucket list: sing at Royal Albert Hall (oh modest me)
Motto: Live every moment, laugh every day, love unimaginable.
What i’m afraid of: Ignorance and influence of ignorant people
2 words that I characterize myself: open minded, honest
Where i relax best: in the garden with a good book. On top of a mountain, all by myself. With good music on the couch. In a good conversation with friends
What inspires me? A rainbow. An unforseen meeting. A good book. Good food…Joy ist he simplest form of gratitude...