Schwaigerweg 135 A -8971 Schladming

Our 5th star is a star

Warm welcome at the Hotel Rohrmooserhof

Awarded for heartiness
The heartiness at Rohrmooserhof

In June 2011 we were pleased to welcome a group of the Heart children austria in the Rohrmooserhof. We were pleased, that the kids and the child minder had such a great time and enjoyed every moment in our hotel.

Actually, they liked it that much, that they gave us one of the best and precious compliments:
"... in the Aktivhotel**** Rohrmooserhof we could experience a absolut heartly welcome and care. THANKS for the great support and the heartly and personal assistance. We award the family Nadja and Georg Niederl and the whole team of the Rohrmooserhof with a "5th star" in the shape of a heart - the star of absolut cordialness..."

We were overwhelmed and took this lines as an occasion to suit the action to the word. Now a heart adorn our 4 stars in the logo.

It is great...
...if our guests notice our philosophie and the love to our work.

We are passionate hosts and believe in the thing we do. Meanwhile I manage the Rohrmooserhof in the second generation together with my family. Me and Nadja my wife aswell my parents, who still support us, are passionate hosts: Deep ingrain with the region and enthused travellers. We like to provide you delightful holidays with a hearty, compfortable and uncomplicated ambiance. Therefor we give our best.

Yours sincerely
Georg Niederl & Family

Together we are the Rohrmooserhof family

We want to welcome you with our honest heartiness in the hotel Rohrmooserhof.
Our employees and also we as the host family are not "perfect perfectionists", but we are professional, kind hosts. Cordially with a sense of humour, open to encounter the guests, respectful and fair. Above all we want to be natural - real - pure and honest. That is what we are - and we are the Rohrmooserhof. Rohrmooserhof . We are proud for this strong and sincere team, which is looking forward to welcome you as our guests.