Schwaigerweg 135 A -8971 Schladming

Hosts & Team

Your accommodation in Schladming

Small but mighty: the Rohrmooserhof Hotel is, with only 82 rooms, the smallest 4-star hotel in Rohrmoos and one of the smallest in the Schladming-Dachstein region. Nevertheless, this means that we are able to take care of each guest individually.

Hosts with conviction and enthusiasm

Since its opening in 1971, the Hotel Rohrmooserhof has been owned by our family. Naturally, now I run the hotel with my family from the second generation. My wife Nadja and I, as well as my parents, who still support the hotel, all run the Rohrmooserhof Hotel with a lot of love and enthusiasm. We are rooted in the region and travel enthusiast ourselves. We do our best to ensure you an unforgettable holiday at our hotel near Schladming with our warmth and a comfortable atmosphere.

Get to know your hosts

We do not show ourselves as "perfect perfectionists" but as professional, gracious hosts. Warm, with a little humor, open at meeting with guests, respectful and cooperative. Especially we want to be genuine and honest. This is us-and we are the Rohrmooserhof.

Portrait of host Georg Niederl
Georg Niederl, your host at the Aktivhotel Rohrmooserhof

Georg Niederl

Where to find me in the hotel
I'm the allrounder in the hotel
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Passions: my family, leisurely meals with friends,traveling
Values that are important to me: Loyalty,honesty,satisfaction
Favorite tree: Larch
Weather preference: cold,colder,coldest – i need the cooling
Desired places: Cape Town, Styria, Vienna
What i really want to achieve:
maintain the success and continue to develop our Ideas
… and private:
Spend with my family many happy moments
What makes me happy?
when my children talk about their day, if I can work in the garden, my work ... mostly at least ;-)
What skills and talents do i have?
I am a creative mind in the kitchen and an accurate computer in the office, what gets in the way of my "gut feeling trusting" wife

"I love cooking and the opportunities to develop "
One piece of heart of our house is clearly our kitchen. We cook as for our own family. We want to serve you primarily what brings our country and our region, which is very important to me. I myself love cooking and the opportunities to develop there, and of course I enjoy good food. For a nice evening with good food I do shovel a time frame to enjoy. Therefore, I am particularly pleased when our passion for cooking also "tasted". You might notice ... my trained profession is cooking, but now taken over the management at the hotel has fulfilled my passion to be hosts. I could not imagine a nicer job.

Portrait of host Nadja Niederl
Nadja Niederl, your host at Aktivhotel Rohrmooserhof

Nadja Niederl

Where to find me in our hotel:
... at the reception! "I love office stuff" and dealing with people
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Passions: Family and friends, hiking, reading, holidays
Desired places: South africa, styria, vienna
Values that are important to me: Honesty, humor, satisfaction
What skills and talents do i have: I think I have a good sense of people, I plan texts and gladly make our brochures and offers for the hotel, I love order and cleanliness, which holds everyone at the hotel busy ;-)
Favourite flower: Hydrangea
Favourite months: September, October
Weather preference: sunny weather with20 ° C or really "gray celled" rainy days
What i really want to acchieve:
… professionally:
that my husband and I still can realize many great ideas for our hotel together and it is a beautiful work surrounding for us
… private:
Just as my husband I'm wishing myself many happy moments with my family and that all remain healthy

"It's a pleasure to make your vacation the way you want it to be"
As a family hotel we are committed with passion and identify completely with our offer. It seems important to us also to be authentic and to ensure regional roots. We want to offer you as our guests what we like to have on a holiday .
And our strongest motivation to continue on the path is when our guests say they come back. And our many regular guests are proof. Everyone needs something else to feel good, everyone needs other activities, every holiday seeker finds hopefully "the own personal,perfect Holiday Hotel" and maybe we are exactly yours? Find it out, because what is for some heaven on earth, is not so great for others.

Portrait of Fritz Niederl
Senior head manager Fritz Niederl

Fritz Niederl

Where to find me at the hotel:
Talking or hiking with guests and friends
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Passions: Family, hiking
Desire places: Norway
Values that are important to me: Sincerity
What annoys me: Lies
Favourite flower: Alpine rose, lady's slipper orchid
Favourite month: June
Favourite colour: blue
Books i can recommend : Notgasse and Am Stein, Peter Gruber

"I invite you to get to know not only our hotel but also our region and get closer to nature"
We want to pick you up from your everyday life and send you with a beautiful story back home. "A beautiful story" is what really matters for a holiday. Or what do you tell the folks back home? I'll tell you something on a nice hike or I like to give my personal advice to you for your activities that you can experience with us in the region. The best thing is our situation, because just around the corner is the beautiful natural paradise around Schladming Dachstein. You will be surprised again and again, what our region has to offer, every season, every month, every activity in the nature reveals its own "treasures". I wish for you to get to know these "treasures" and invite you for a warm welcome to the Rohrmooserhof .

Portrait of Maria Niederl
Senior head manager Maria Niederl

Maria Niederl

Where to find me at the hotel:
Hiking and talking with our guests
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Values that are important to me:
Justice, satisfaction
Favourite flower: Rose
Favourite Season: Autumn
Music : classic and folk songs
This is a weekly fixed appointment for me: im Winter Skifahren/Langlauf im Sommer Wandern
Where i relax best: in the mountains
What makes me happy? To inspire people
What inspires me: nature

"I'm really happy outside and a sensualist"
We have a really very simple expectations of ourselves: We do not operate simply a hotel – we do what ourselves brings joy: meeting new people, familiar faces ,hiking with them the mountains, explore ski mountains, eat well and drink, chat with them, exploring landscapes and hidden wonders of nature and above all enjoy. In short, we want to delight our guests in a hotel, in which we ourselves would like to go on vacation.

Best accompanied:

Our employees see themselves as your travel companion and personal holiday advisor. During your stay at hotel in Rohrmoos near Schladming, you will feel that our employees do their work as gladly as we do, we are delighted to count many employees since many years as Rohrmooserhof family.. Our particular interest is the appreciative cooperation on equal terms between you as guests, our employees and us, the host family.

Enjoy your holidays in a family atmosphere to feel good. We look forward to your non-binding request and your soon coming.