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Good to know about hotel, cancellation & Corona for winter 2020/21

You are BY FAR the best guests and we ARE CERTAINLY there for you!

Here is all the information about the security measures and the modified cancellation rules for winter 2020/21.

Information about Corona for cable cars and ski schools can be found HERE.

Cancellation conditions for winter 2020/21

"CAREFREE HOLIDAYS" - cancellation conditions for winter 2020/21
FOR ALL RESERVATIONS FOR WINTER from December 4th, 2020 - April 5th, 2021

UPDATE 3.11.2020: For all bookings with arrival date between 4th dec. until 10th jan.: You can cancel or rebook your reservation free of charge up to 14 days before arrival because the we don´t know the Covid sitation for dec. This is valid for all bookings in this time!

1. You can cancel or rebook your reservation free of charge up to 30 days before arrival. You will of course receive the deposit back if you cancel or will be credited for the new date if you change your booking.

  • 29 days to 14 days before arrival 30%;
  • 13 days to 7 days before arrival 50%
  • and from 6 days and no or late arrival 90% of the total travel price is due.

2. If you cancel less than 30 days before arrival, we guarantee that you will not be charged any cancellation fees if:

  • the Corona traffic light from the Austrian government in our Schladming region is red
  • A level 6 travel warning applies to your home country or your district

3. Should your stay have to be canceled due to Covid-19 measures by the governments (e.g. due to entry and exit bans, curfews, border closings ...), we will of course not charge any cancellation fees anyway. Your deposit will then be sent to you in the form of a voucher for another stay.

100% serenity if something comes up - European travel insurance taken out?

Even before the time of Covid-19, we always recommended travel insurance to all guests. You can easily do this during your booking. As of October 1st, 2020, the most important Covid-19 reasons for cancellation are covered and you have also insured many other reasons for cancellation and you have the certainty that all costs will be reimbursed in the event of a cancellation and you don't have to hope for goodwill on our part, which we cannot guarantee . With travel insurance on your part, we do not suffer any economic losses.

Travel insurance: what if suddenly I am not able to come? We recommend a cancellation insurance, to save you the above costs. You can take out the insurance conveniently and easily online – European travel insurance

Cancellation cover also in case of COVID-19 disease from the European Travel Insurance

COVID-19 is still classified as an epidemic or pandemic (cf. WHO, Austrian health authorities).

However, for all bookings from October 1 until further notice, we do not apply the pandemic exclusion for cancellation and travel interruption cases contained in our insurance terms and conditions.

Insofar, we grant cover in the event that you, as the insured customer, cannot start or have to interrupt the travel,

• because you suffer from COVID-19 symptoms,
• because you have been found to have an elevated temperature measured, even if a later test result is negative,
• because you were tested positive for COVID-19 without showing symptoms,
• because a close relative (*) or a person living in the same household has contracted COVID-19 and your urgent presence is required,
• because a close relative (*) in the same household has contracted COVID-19 and you must therefore be quarantined,
• because you are unable to travel as a result of your illness during your stay. Covered are costs within the limits of involuntary extended accomodation.

(*) Family members are defined as spouse (or registered partner or partner living in the same household), children (step children, children-in-law, grandchildren, foster children), parents (step parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, foster parents), siblings and brother-in-law/sister-in-law of the insured person - in case of a registered partner or partner living in the same household, additionally his/her children, parents and siblings.

However, there is no cancellation cover
• if you cannot or do not want to start the travel because you are worried about an infection
  due to the increasing number of cases at your holiday destination,
• if you cannot or do not want to start the travel because you are classified as a risk patient,
• if the hotel cannot (any longer) provide its service (e.g. in case of closing the hotel by official
   decree or the hotel is located in an area of level 5 or 6 travel warning),
• if you cannot start the travel because you are placed in quarantine due to a suspected case
   (e.g. in kindergarten or among your colleagues) without having symptoms of the disease or having tested positive,
• for costs taken over for mere quarantine accommodation.

As before, our premiums do not differentiate between risk patients and non-risk patients, and, as before, we do not introduce any age limits.

Stay healthy. Stay safe.

Safe holidays for you. Safe working space for us. A short cut.

  •  Please wear mouth and nose protection in all public areas of the hotel 
    (except for the wellness area and when you sit at a table)
  • Please keep the specified minimum distance of 2 m, out of consideration for all other guests and our employees.
  • We will clean your room even more thoroughly and ventilate it well before your arrival. Please understand if your check-in is delayed as a result. We also make sure not to occupy the rooms again immediately after guests leave!
  • Use the lift if possible alone or only with your company and family.
    The lift like all other buttons, light switches and surfaces are disinfected several times a day.
  • The luggage trolleys get disinfected after each use.
  • Wash your hands regularly for your and our heatlh.
  • We are still a little "oldschool" and use keys ;-) Please keep them during your stay-they are disinfected after each departure.
  • Desinfection stands are distributed throughout the house in sensible places (entrance area, lobby, restaurant, wellness area).
  • The cleaning and disinfection intervals are increased.
  • All roomsand door handles are regularly desinfected.
  • Our cleaning agents are certified and tested.

Booking & arrival

We have adjusted our cancellation rules until April 5th  2021 under the motto "Carefree vacation". You can find these further down on the page.  In general, we ask you to arrive safely and healthy.

Check-in & reception
At the reception we have set up a plexiglass pane. In order to shorten waiting times we ask our guests to send theirinformation for the check-in by email before arrival. Each guest receives the information about this personally in advance per e-mail.  The check-in and the support at the reception will be a little different.

Mouth and nose protection &  2 m distance rule
Please wear mouth and nose protection in all public areas of the hotel (with the exception of the wellness area and when you are sitting at a table).  Please bring your MN with you. We also have some in the hotel for emergencies. Our employees also wear an MNS or work behind the Plexiglas pane. We make sure that the distance rules are adhered to everywhere, please pay attention to them too!

Hygiene throughout the hotel
Our cleaning and hygiene standards throughout the house were and will remain very high. Due to the current situation, we have adjusted these again with our hygiene partners. We work in accordance with the hygiene and disinfection plus certificate from Witty and HCCP standards in the kitchen. Our cleaning staff work with certified cleaning agents from Hollu and Hagleitner that contain disinfectants. Our cleaning agents and measures are certified by the Witty company as an auditor. The laundry and terry goods are washed by a professional company in accordance with strict hygiene regulations. In each room, a display with "disinfected" is placed as soon as the governess has checked the room.

We offer you, in compliance with the new requirements, the usual gourmet cuisine "all day long" from a combination of buffet and served dishes. We have found cool, clean ideas at the buffet and will serve you more from the kitchen. In this sensitive situation we nevertheless paid attention to waste avoidance, safety, cleanliness and practical application. In the case of buffets, our products are either pre-portioned and neatly packaged or with serving cutlery and disposable gloves for you to take out. As before, you can choose from vegetarian, classic or light cuisine. We ask you to keep your distance from other guests and our employees, especially in the buffet area. We accompany you to your table, which has enough distance to other guests.

Wellness, pool, massage, & sauna area
A transmission in the pool area is rather unlikely according to the current status. Nevertheless, we have adapted the swimming pool hygiene to the situation and tightened it or we are implementing the increased hygiene regulations of the swimming pool hygiene regulations on the part of the federal government. The control intervals for the values ​​are even tighter. The information about the use of the pool is posted in the pool area or we will inform you about it when you check-in. It is especially important to keep a minimum distance of 1m to other guests (except guests from the same household).

Our masseuses are there for you in compliance with the new hygiene and safety regulations. The massage table is disinfected after each treatment and the room is cleaned and ventilated. For this we have planned longer breaks between the massage appointments.

Our wellness area with pool, relaxation rooms and saunas is open in compliance with the minimum distance as well as the even stricter hygiene regulations and a precise cleaning plan and the maximum number of people allowed as well as the official requirements. Special rules apply to the individual areas such as the pool and sauna, which we will inform you about when you arrive or which you will find directly in the wellness area.

Here as well we appeal to your personal responsibility to keep the minimum distance to other guests.

All saunas (no infusions in the Finnish and herbal saunas, as well as towel wraps allowed) can be used jointly by guests who share a room or spend their holidays together. Notes on this are posted by the sauna. If the saunas are heavily used or there are many guests in the hotel, we will offer you appointments for the sauna. The employees clean strictly according to a cleaning schedule and regularly disinfect the wellness area.

The tea and juice bar in the wellness area is in operation. However, according to the new hygiene regulations, we have to remove the sweets.

The team at Hotel Rohrmooserhof is committed

  • to personal responsibility
  • for internal and external protection to comply with hygiene and distance standards and is continuously instructed and trained
    just getting to work healthy

Behind the scenes
The same rules of behavior and hygiene apply in the kitchen and for our suppliers and are checked by us.

What if an infection occurs in the hotel?
Should there be a suspected COVID-19 case in the hotel, we will proceed according to the plan of the authorities and take the right measures.
Please let us know if you feel unwell or ill. Our reception team has been trained and will arrange everything.

Important to know:

The sick person and family members must stay in the room.
We will contact our family doctor immediately.
In the event of suspicion, the doctor notifies the health authority.
The room is not entered for 3 days and is then professionally cleaned and disinfected. The room will only go on sale again after another 3 days.
To date, we have not had a single Covid-19 case in the hotel or only a few individual cases in the entire region.

General information

Local tax: Euro 1.50 per person (from the age of 15) per day (not included).This is added to your bill when you are definitely here. It cannot be pre-paid for.

Dogs: In 2 rooms we also allow dogs. But dogs are not allowed in the restaurant, wellness area and garden. In the lobby and terrace and also at the parking area outside you have to leash you dog!

Check-in & out:
your room will be available from 3pm on your day of arrival and until 11am on the day of departure. If you should arrive earlier we offer a snack at our lunch buffet to shorten your waiting time. If you should arrive after 6pm, please inform us in advance. On the day of departure your gourmet full-board ends with the breakfast buffet.

Rooms: the 26m² rooms are not bookable with children, because these rooms are only equipped with sitting sofas and no sofa beds. We also offer rooms, where the beds can be separated when twin beds rather than a double is required. Please advise us at time of booking.

Single rooms in winter available on request.

Rooms with breakfast:
In winter: minus €15.00 per adult/day from the regular day price.
Please cancel your dinner by 10am if you decide to dine out. In case of a later cancellation we will charge the regular day price.

Advanced payment is required to secure a reservation: for a secured reservation, we ask you for an advanced payment of € 200.00 per room and € 400.00 for suite/family apartment. This should be transferred into our account through international/European bank/internet transfer:

Steiermärkische Bank und Sparkassen AG
Kto.Nr. 00000542746
BLZ 20815
IBAN AT222081500000542746

Payment options: cash, maestro, KK Mastercarda and VISA. T/T in advance accepted.
Maestro: please check for the limit (regular limit in most cases €1,000).
Stress-free check-out: we accept the whole payment for your stay in advance via T/T.

Please note: we do not accept credit cards with package deals or last minute offers.

Ski pass purchase at the hotel: starting from 2-days tickets and upwards you can buy your ski pass conveniently at the hotel's reception. Please note that ski passes can only be paid for in cash or with your maestro card, bank debit card.

Dear smokers: Thank you for smoking outside the hotel for our health. Because of the new Austrian no-smoking laws, the Rohrmooserhof Hotel has been totally smoke-free since 1.7.2010. For our smokers we have installed outdoor ashtrays on our terrace as well as on every room balcony.


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