Schwaigerweg 135 A -8971 Schladming

Mountain lakes & "wild"waters

Discover water during summer holidays in Rohrmoos

wild waters in schladming
wild waters around schladming

The Alps are a huge water tank and bring it to the surface in a crystal clear purity . Embark on a hike in the Schladming-Dachstein region and discover glassy mountain lakes, rippling streams and thundering waterfalls.

The Schladming-Dachstein Region is rich with places where you will be happy to stand still and enjoy the richness of nature . A sunset on a crystal clear lake, for example, or a forest path along a small stream. As a guest at Rohrmooserhof you should experience the 12 km long route of "Wild Waters" definitely.   This easy and unique trail you should not miss. The trail was choosen as the first official "National Geographic" trail by its beauty and also for children and inexperienced hikers the route is suitable until the Riesachwasserfall. On the way one learns repeatedly more about the valley and the former life in accordance with the water.

The wild waters trail

At the end of the path, which leads to a large extent on the waterside, you will find a special natural spectacle. The Riesachwasserfall impresses with an enormous drop height. There is also the alpine trail "Wild Water" , that unlocks the force of nature with a height of 140 meters.

Buses run between Schladming and the entry to this impressive walk along the water.

Enjoy the trails at your summer holiday in Rohrmoos and discover the many small lakes and streams. With a non-binding holiday inquiry at our Rohrmooserhof you are at the perfektstart for one or the other walk near Schladming, you will never forget.

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